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George Louis Palmella Busson Du Maurier

Born: 1834   Died: 1896

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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PL862 Prints1860s

PL863 Prints1860s

PL864 Prints1860s

PL871 Prints1860s

A Brilliant Failure PL993 Prints1860s

A Doocid Aristocrat PL866 Prints1860s

A Game of Consoltation PL873 Prints1860s

A Kettle-Drum in Mayfair PL875 Prints1860s

A Kettledrum PL874 Prints1860s

A Life Story PL850 Prints1860s

A Little Christmas Dream PL940 Prints1860s

A Little Hop in Harley St. PL914 Prints1860s

A Parent Proxy PL885 Prints1860s

A Portuguese Tragedy PL851 Prints1860s

A Rose in June PL1102 Prints1860s

A Rose in June PL1103 Prints1860s

A Rose in June PL1104 Prints1860s

A Rose in June PL1105 Prints1860s

A Rose in June PL1107 Prints1860s

A Suggestion PL869 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1053 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1054 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1055 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1058 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1059 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1060 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1061 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1062 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1063 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1064 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1065 Prints1860s

Against Time PL1066 Prints1860s

An Artist's Son PL941 Prints1860s

An Artist's Son PL942 Prints1860s

Christmas Charades PL877 Prints1860s

Coddington Regatta PL1003 Prints1860s

Codlingham Regatta PL1004 Prints1860s

Cousin Phillis PL920 Prints1860s

Croquet PL1005 Prints1860s

Detur Digniori PL977 Prints1860s

Detur Digniori PL976 Prints1860s

Eleanor's Victory PL921 Prints1860s

Eleanor's Victory PL922 Prints1860s

Eleanor's Victory PL923 Prints1860s

Eleanor's Victory PL924 Prints1860s

Eleanor's Victory PL925 Prints1860s

Eleanor's Victory PL926 Prints1860s

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