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Charles Altamont Doyle

Born: 1832, UK, England, London   Died: 1893, UK, Scotland

Designer, painter and illustrator. Son of political cartoonist John Doyle, known as ‘HB’, and brother of Richard ‘Dicky’ Doyle, prominent illustrator for Punch magazine. Moved to Edinburgh in 1846 to work as an architectural draughtsman for the Scottish government, a position he held for 30 years. During this time he also made illustrations for books and magazines. Married in 1855 and had 7 children, the eldest being Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), who became the well-known author of Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately Charles Doyle suffered from low self-esteem, and after taking to alcoholism and depression, was admitted to a mental institution around 1881. Here he continued to make art, mostly of fairies and macabre fantasy scenes, for which he is best known, but also illustrations of visual puns with clever wordplay. Despite feeling strongly this was wrongful confinement he spent the rest of his life in asylums and died of an epileptic fit. His son Arthur Conan Doyle held a well-received exhibition of his works in 1924

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

A Christmas Medley PL818 Prints1860s

A Shy Man's Difficulties PL804 Prints1860s

A Shy Man's Difficulties PL811 Prints1860s

A Shy Man's Difficulties PL812 Prints1860s

Charades and Dumb Crambo PL813 Prints1860s

Golf PL802 Prints1860s

Golf PL803 Prints1860s

Holiday Season PL816 Prints1860s

Miss Middlesex on the Moors PL814 Prints1860s

Miss Middlesex on the Moors PL815 Prints1860s

Mistakes PL799 Prints1860s

Mrs Spencer's Party PL805 Prints1860s

Our Entertainment PL806 Prints1860s

Our Entertainment PL807 Prints1860s

Our Entertainment PL809 Prints1860s

Steam Boat Characters PL817 Prints1860s

The Bay Window of our Club PL810 Prints1860s

The Bonspiel PL819 Prints1860s

The Christmas Tree PL800 Prints1860s

What We Did at the Seaside PL801 Prints1860s