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Thomas Bolton Gilchrist Septimus Dalziel

Born: 1823, UK, England, Northumberland   Died: 1906, UK, England, Kent

Illustrator, engraver and painter. Son of a painter, and brother of George and Edward Dalziel who established the highly productive Brothers Dalziel engraving firm. Initially trained as a copperplate engraver, but from 1843 worked independently as an illustrator. Joined the family business around 1860 designing book illustrations in a style influenced by Sir John Gilbert (1817-1897). Indeed, he was regarded the most gifted of all the brothers, his illustrations for Pilgrim’s Progress and The Arabian Nights often considered his most successful

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

1865 - 1866 PL771 Prints1860s

At New Year's Time PL775 Prints1860s

Crier in the Night PL776 Prints1860s

Malyon's Cottage PL777 Prints1860s

Music PL778 Prints1860s

Nazareth PL779 Prints1860s

Prayer and Praise PL772 Prints1860s

Seed Time and Harvest PL785 Prints1860s

Sundays on the Continent PL780 Prints1860s

The Captain's Wife PL781 Prints1860s

The Clouded Intellect PL767 Prints1860s

The Clouded Intellect PL768 Prints1860s

The Dying Year PL769 Prints1860s

The Old Astronomer PL770 Prints1860s

The Rainbow PL782 Prints1860s

The Wesleys and their Hymns PL783 Prints1860s

Upward Glances PL784 Prints1860s

Xmas Eve in the Forest PL773 Prints1860s

Xmas Eve in the Forest PL774 Prints1860s