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Mark Hewitt

Born: 1955, UK, England, Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent

Ceramicist. Hewitt’s introduction to ceramics was through his family’s business as directors of fine china manufacturers Spode. While studying at Bristol University in the 1970s, Hewitt was given a copy of Bernard Leach’s work ‘A Potter’s Book’. Excited by the possibilities of a career in hand-made rather than industrial pottery, he was taken on as an apprentice by Michael Cardew for three years.

In 1979, Hewitt left Cardew’s supervision and travelled to West Africa for two years, visiting Suleja, Nigeria, where Cardew had established his training centre. His journeys also took him to the Far East, where he particularly admired Korean pottery. Eventually Hewitt settled in the USA, first in Connecticut where he worked with Todd Piker, another Cardew student. Here he met with his future wife, Carol.

In 1983, the couple moved to Pittsboro, North Carolina, and set up their own pottery. His work incorporates North Carolinian folk traditions, and he uses local clays. He is especially known his large-scale wood-fired, salt-glazed jars and storage pots, but he also produces affordable domestic ware.

Hewitt’s work is grounded in older traditions but is made contemporary through his personal interpretation such as his popular series of iced tea ceremony vessels. He was a demonstrator at the International Ceramics Festival, Aberystwyth, in 2011.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Bowl with flat rim] C1871 Ceramics

[Flower Pot] C2068 Ceramics

[Jug] C1872 Ceramics

[Jug] C1873 Ceramics

[Low bowl] C1870 Ceramics

[Mug] C1874 Ceramics

[Plate] C1860 Ceramics

[Plate] C1861 Ceramics

[Plate] C1862 Ceramics

[Plate] C1863 Ceramics

[Plate] C1864 Ceramics

[Plate] C1865 Ceramics

[Plate] C1866 Ceramics

[Plate] C1867 Ceramics

[Plate] C1868 Ceramics

[Plate] C1869 Ceramics

Quart Pitcher C1678 Ceramics