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Grete Marks

Born: 1899, Cologne, Germany   Died: 1990

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

C1636 Ceramics

[Bowl shaped coffee cup] C1654 Ceramics

[Bowl shaped coffee cup] C1655 Ceramics

[Bowl shaped coffee cup] C1656 Ceramics

[China plate] C1647 Ceramics

[Figurine of mother and child] C1658 Ceramics

[Flattened slab vase] C1646 Ceramics

[Rectangular stoneware platter] C1649 Ceramics

[Small bowl] C1632 Ceramics

Small grey bowl C1633 Ceramics

[Small jar with white glaze] C1657 Ceramics

[Small orange bowl] C1634 Ceramics

[Small porcelain bowl] C1643 Ceramics

[Small slipcast cup] C1630 Ceramics

[Small stoneware bowl] C1651 Ceramics

[Small stoneware jar] C1644 Ceramics

[Small stoneware vase] C1635 Ceramics

[Small stoneware vase] C1639 Ceramics

[Small vase] C1631 Ceramics

[Small, high sided yellow bowl] C1637 Ceramics

[Small, high sided, brown bowl] C1638 Ceramics

[Small, high sided, pink and black bowl] C1640 Ceramics

[Stoneware bowl with swirly design] C1642 Ceramics

[Stoneware plate] C1652 Ceramics

[Stoneware saucer] C1653 Ceramics

[Thrown stoneware bowl] C1641 Ceramics

[Thrown stoneware bowl with flattened sides] C1645 Ceramics

[Thrown stoneware bowl with ribbed effect design] C1650 Ceramics

[Triangular stoneware platter] C1648 Ceramics