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Erich Retzlaff

Born: 1899, Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Reinfeld   Died: 1993, Germany, Bavaria, Dießen am Ammersee

Photographer. Acclaimed for his black and white portraits of the German labouring classes, Retzlaff was also one of the first German photographers to use Agfacolour-Neu, shunning the more complex Kodachrome system from America. When the National Socialist Party rose to power in 1933, they had been so impressed by Retzlaff's portrayals of the German 'Volkdom' that they employed him to produce portraits of prominent party members such as Rudolf Hess and Joseph Goebbels

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Owl perched on a wooden post PH1125 Photography

Paderborn Dom PH1267 Photography

Paderborn Dom PH1268 Photography

Paderborn Dom PH1154 Photography

Paderborn Rathaus PH1244 Photography

Polle im Weserbergland PH1166 Photography

Portrait of E. R. PH1075 Photography

Professor Emil Karl Frey PH1048 Photography

Rahaus in Lemgo PH1161 Photography

Rathaus Münster PH1197 Photography

Röntgen Museum in Lennep PH1251 Photography

Recklinghausen PH1162 Photography

Recklinghausen PH1145 Photography

Regensburg Domportal PH1193 Photography

Regensburg PH1245 Photography

Reinoldikirche Dortmund PH1184 Photography

Reinoldikirche Dortmund PH1246 Photography

Richard Kuhn PH1088 Photography

Rietberg, Westfalen PH1266 Photography

Schloss Anholt, Westfalen PH1260 Photography

[Schloss Darfeld, Westfalen] PH1084 Photography

Schloss Havixbeck PH1179 Photography

Schloss Hämelschenburg PH1175 Photography

Schloss Hämelschenburg PH1176 Photography

Schloss Hämelschenburg PH1177 Photography

Schloss Lembeck Westfalen PH1171 Photography

Schloss Lembeck, Westfalen PH1172 Photography

Schloss Neuhaus in Paderborn PH1180 Photography

Schloss Raesfeld Westfalen PH1181 Photography

Schloss Raesfeld Westfalen PH1182 Photography

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