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Erich Retzlaff

Born: 1899, Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Reinfeld   Died: 1993, Germany, Bavaria, Dießen am Ammersee

Photographer. Acclaimed for his black and white portraits of the German labouring classes, Retzlaff was also one of the first German photographers to use Agfacolour-Neu, shunning the more complex Kodachrome system from America. When the National Socialist Party rose to power in 1933, they had been so impressed by Retzlaff's portrayals of the German 'Volkdom' that they employed him to produce portraits of prominent party members such as Rudolf Hess and Joseph Goebbels

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Jünges Grün PH1204 Photography

Jürgen Retzlaff PH1099 Photography

Junges Mädchen PH1049 Photography

Kätzchen PH1276 Photography

Kettwig/Ruhr PH1331 Photography

Kind aus der Lausitz PH1113 Photography

Kind aus der Lausitz PH1110 Photography

Konrad Adenauer PH1104 Photography

Landshut im Niederbayern PH1158 Photography

Lüneburger Heide PH1053 Photography

Lemgo PH1330 Photography

Maria im Aehrenkleid PH1328 Photography

Marktbreit Franken PH1165 Photography

Marktbreit, Franken PH1155 Photography

Müller aus Hessen PH1105 Photography

Münnerstadt Veit Stoss PH1093 Photography

Münster / Dom PH1274 Photography

Münster / Dom PH1273 Photography

Münster in Westfalen PH1335 Photography

Münster Lambertikirche PH1275 Photography

Münster Rathaus PH1234 Photography

Münster Rathaus PH1235 Photography

Münster Rathausgiebel PH1196 Photography

Münster PH1236 Photography

Mecklenburg PH1124 Photography

Minden Dom PH1198 Photography

Minden in Westfalen PH1231 Photography

Minden Weser Renaissance PH1148 Photography

Minden PH1232 Photography

Minden PH1233 Photography

Mittenwald PH1169 Photography

Neuburg / Donau PH1269 Photography

Neuburg / Donau PH1262 Photography

Niederdeutsche Landschaft PH1199 Photography

Ostpreußische Fischerfrau PH1111 Photography

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