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Guiseppe Maria Mitelli

Born: 1634   Died: 1718

Mitelli was born in 1634. He was an Italian engraver and painter of the Baroque period. He was best known for his prolific engravings, in a variety of subjects including scenes from grand epics as well as mundane page boards for games of chance. He also engraved genre scenes, allegories, moralistic scenes, even some bizarre cartoons. He often depicted dwarfs engaged in buffoonery or satirical depictions of aphorisms, pithy observations. Mitelli studied or worked under Francesco Albani, Guercino, and Simone Cantarini. He had a long career of over 60 years in Bologna.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

Agosto [August] PR897 Prints

Agosto [August] PR909 Prints

Aprile [April] PR893 Prints

Aprile [April] PR905 Prints

Dicembre [December] PR901 Prints

Dicembre [December] PR913 Prints

Febbraio [February] PR891 Prints

Febbraio [February] PR903 Prints

Gennaio [January] PR890 Prints

Gennaio [January] PR902 Prints

Giugno [June] PR895 Prints

Giugno [June] PR907 Prints

Luglio [July] PR896 Prints

Luglio [July] PR908 Prints

Maggio [May] PR894 Prints

Maggio [May] PR906 Prints

Marzo [March] PR892 Prints

Marzo [March] PR904 Prints

Novembre [November] PR900 Prints

Novembre [November] PR912 Prints

Ottobre [October] PR899 Prints

Ottobre [October] PR911 Prints