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William Holl

Born: 1807, UK, England, Plaistow   Died: 1871, UK, England

Engraver. Known as William Holl the Younger, he was the son of the engraver William Holl (1771-1838) who taught him both stipple and line on steel engraving. His brothers, Francis Holl (1815-84), Charles Holl (c. 1810-82) and Benjamin Holl (1808-84) were also engravers, and collaborated with him throughout his life, although Benjamin was an important engraver in his own right. William engraved plates for many books from 1829, most notably for William Jerdan's 'National Portrait Gallery' (1830-34), Chambers's 'Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen' (1834), Thomas Moore's 'Beauties of Moore', (1840) and a series of scriptural engravings after artists such as Raphael, Rembrandt, Benjamin West and James Northcote for Blackie's 'Imperial Family Bible' (1844) and John Kitto's 'Gallery of Scripture Engravings' (1846-49). Holl exhibited twenty-two engravings at the Royal Academy between 1860 and 1871, mostly after George Richmond (1809-1896), and became popular for his engravings of Richmond's portraits of members of Grillion's Club

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