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Claude Gellée

Born: 1600, France, Lorrain, Chamagne   Died: 1682, Rome

Painter. Known as 'Claude Lorrain'. Around 1613 he left France for Rome where he became an assistant to Agostino Tassi (c.1580-1644). By 1620 he had moved to Naples where he studied under the landscape painter Gottfried Wals (1595-1638). He returned briefly to France between 1625 and 1627 and was apprenticed to Claude Deruet (1588-1660) for one year. Back in Rome he quickly became successful during the 1630s and from 1635, to combat forgeries of his work, he recorded all his original pieces in his 'Liber Veritatis'. Inspired by the Campagna, he painted classical landscapes with biblical and mythological content. These ideal landscapes became a major influence on British landscape painting. He also produced 44 etchings

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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[Busy harbour scene with figures, ships and civic buildings] PR127 Prints

[Classical harbour scene with figures and boats] PR106 Prints

[Classical harbour scene with figures and boats] PR141 Prints

[Classical landscape with castle tower, angel and man with serpent] PR142 Prints

[Classical landscape with angel escorting mother and child] PR155 Prints

[Classical landscape with angel, woman, bridge and cliff top town] PR185 Prints

[Classical landscape with castle and sleeping figure and Narcissus] PR163 Prints

[Classical landscape with dancers, jugs and worshippers of the Golden Calf] PR199 Prints

[Classical landscape with figures, bridge, classical rotunda and a distant harbour] PR207 Prints

[Classical landscape with figures, cattle fording a river and a hill top town] PR166 Prints

[Classical landscape with figures, Roman rotunda, an urn and a jug] PR196 Prints

[Classical landscape with figures, sheep, camels, a viaduct and a ruined Roman temple] PR205 Prints

[Classical landscape with man on horse slaying a dragon] PR160 Prints

[Classical landscape with musicians, round tower and camels crossing a bridge] PR183 Prints

[Classical landscape with port and Roman ruins] PR159 Prints

[Classical landscape with Roman ruins, bridge, figures and tent] PR153 Prints

[Classical landscape with Roman ruins, goats, two figures and a port] PR178 Prints

[Classical landscape with shepherds, cattle, river and a ruined temple] PR209 Prints

[Classical landscape with sleeping shepherd and woman with attendants] PR139 Prints

[Classical townscape with a palace and a crowned female figure with attendants] PR202 Prints

Claudio Lorenese PR97 Prints

[Coastal scene with columned Roman ruin, galleons, cattle, rocks and trees] PR206 Prints

[Coastal scene with figure on rocks, two men in a rowing boat and a setting sun] PR108 Prints

[Coastal scene with figures, cattle, trees and a fortified town] PR201 Prints

[Coastal scene with women cattle and town / port] PR107 Prints

[Figure with a horse greets a man with children in a landscape] PR210 Prints

[Figures in landscape preparing for a sacrifice] PR158 Prints

[Figures with boats in small harbour with classical columns] PR103 Prints

[Figures with cattle among Roman ruins including columns] PR102 Prints

[Figures with cattle among Roman ruins including columns] PR109 Prints

[Figures with herd of cattle in Italian classical landscape] PR101 Prints

[Five figures in a classical landscape with a river gorge] PR104 Prints

[Five figures in classical landscape with river gorge] PR129 Prints

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