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Harry and May Davis

Born: H.D. 1910, M.D. 1914, UK, England   Died: H.D. 1986, M.D. 1995

Ceramicists. Harry Davis worked with Bernard Leach at the St Ives Pottery in the early 1930s where he met May Scott. They married in 1938. Both had trained as potters and after their marriage, May joined Harry in Ghana where they established the first Ghanaian pottery making glazed stone. In 1942 they returned to the UK and set up the Crowan Pottery in Cornwall. While a strong character Harry Davis disliked any cult of personality and the pots bore only the workshop stamp. In 1962 Harry and May Davis moved to New Zealand where they built their Crewenna Pottery from scratch. Self taught in engineering and geology and inventive, Harry adapted redundant equipment and sought places to dig clay, skills which he particularly put to use in Peru in 1972 when he and May established the Taller de Ceramica at Izchuchaca. They returned to New Zealand where the Crewenna pottery continued. Harry's and May's work, with excellent technical content which was in the 'Leach Tradition'. Harry Davis wrote and lectured on his philosophy of self sufficiency and machine usage

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

C1725 Ceramics

C1728 Ceramics

C1729 Ceramics

C1730 Ceramics

C1731 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1378 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1724 Ceramics

[Coffee Pot] C1371 Ceramics

[Dish] C1374 Ceramics

[Large bowl] C1727 Ceramics

[Large Cup and Saucer] C1372 Ceramics

[Lidded casserole dish with plate] C1726 Ceramics

[Salt and Pepper cruet] C1375 Ceramics

[Short mug] C1722 Ceramics

[Short mug] C1723 Ceramics

[Small cup and saucer] C1373 Ceramics

[Teapot] C1721 Ceramics

[Vinegar Bottle] C1376 Ceramics

[Vinegar Bottle] C1377 Ceramics