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Martin Mindermann

Born: 1960, Germany, Bremen

Ceramicist. Mindermann takes his inspiration from early Bronze Age vessels, making uncomplicated forms using variations of stretched or squashed spheres and deep, bulbous bowls with flattened shoulders, sometimes on a very large scale.

Mindermann’s pots are thrown, turned, and bisque fired in an electric kiln. Metal chlorides are then applied as a spray to obtain a fine colour distribution. The pots are fired in a fibre box mounted on a table before reducing in sawdust in a hole in the ground and covered completely, where they are left to cool for 24 hours.

The final effect creates a rich copper turquoise colouring with a cracked surface. This is created using gold lacquer inlays which give a richness in colour and allude to the idea of archaeological excavation and buried treasure.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Raku fired vessel] C1334 Ceramics