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Nina Hole

Born: 1941, Denmark, Southern Denmark, Ringe   Died: 2016, Denmark, Region Zealand, Ørslev

Ceramicist. Hole trained at the Art and Craft School, Copenhagen and Fredonia State College, New York. She lived in a small coastal village in Denmark but maintained strong links with the USA and the international ceramics scene.

Hole's work was best known for performance firings of house sculptures which she developed since 1994. These were slab-built edifices that explored aspects of herself: 'ego-houses' as she called them. Her method of using slabs as modular building blocks enabled her to make very large sculptures which she raku fired in situ wrapping the structure in a blanket of high temperature refractory fabric that acts as the kiln during the firing.

The element of risk in the creative approach Hole used was an important aspect of her work. She used several assistants and considered the process, including the stimulating communal experience of working with a group of people, as important as the final product. Fired through the night, the spectacular effect of the glowing form as it is unwrapped is the peak moment of the event. In 1997 she was a demonstrator at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth where she built and fired one of these house-structures.

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A Full House C1332 Ceramics