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Ryoji Koie

Born: 1938, Japan, Aichi Prefecture, Tokoname   Died: 2020

Ceramicist. Koie was born in Tokoname, site of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan. He became involved in ceramics from a young age, working as a labourer in a drainage pipe factory from age 10, then as a tile maker. He began producing his own pots aged 16, and then received formal training at the Tokoname Municipal Ceramics Research Institute.

Revered as one of the great masters of Japanese ceramics, he makes traditional forms such as tea bowls, sake bottles, plates, and vases in stoneware with simple glazes and sometimes scored markings. His works deliberately evoke a primitive essence of fired clay. Koie was a demonstrator at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth in 1991.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Tea Bowl] C1243 Ceramics