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Thomas Naethe

Born: 1954, Germany, Berlin

Ceramicist. He studied with Gisela Schliessler at Krösselbach from 1973-1976 and then trained at the Technical School for Ceramic Design in Hohr Grenzhausen (1978-1981). Since 1982, he has shared a studio with his partner, Rita Ternes, first in Bippen moving to Utzerath, Eifel in 1988. He uses a stoneware body for his work, which is wheel thrown and is often assembled from two or three thrown forms. He uses slip, colouring salts and oxides for decoration with a white felspathic glaze; a monochromatic range of colour tends to dominate. The pieces are gas fired in a reducing atmosphere. Although the work refers to vessel forms it is essentially sculptural in nature. Formal precision, harmony and clarity are words that are used to describe key qualities in the work. Inspiration is drawn from the tranquil rural environment of the Dauner Eifel region in which he lives. He teaches at the University of Cologne

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Conical pot with spout and discs] C1174 Ceramics