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Clive Davies

Born: 1939

Ceramicist. He first took up pottery in 1962 after completing his National Service. He originally attended evening classes but rejected formal full-time education in ceramics. He set up a workshop in Suffolk and began to produce hand thrown domestic stoneware fired in an electric kiln. Like many at that time he was influenced by the ideals of potters such as Bernard Leach and Michael Cardew. He developed a green celadon glaze from the local clay which became his trademark. Initially he sold locally but by the late 1970s he was supplying large kitchenware shops including that of David Mellor. In 1980 he spent six months in the Dordogne where he built a wood-fired kiln and experimented with shapes and glazes inspired by French country pottery such as pickling jars and salt-glazed ware. On his return to England he introduced colour to his work after seeing an exhibition of Sutton Taylor's work. Using Janice Tchalenko's glaze recipes, he developed a new clay body which was smoother and finer, and experimented with colour, pattern and effects. He continues to work in Suffolk, using fine textured stoneware clay that is fired in a gas kiln to a temperature of 1300 C. He produces brightly decorated jugs, bowls, plates and mugs

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Dish] C1158 Ceramics

[Jug] C1160 Ceramics

[Jug] C1161 Ceramics

[Lidded Jar] C1157 Ceramics