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Prints / PR3736

David Jones

Artist: Holloway, Edgar [1914-2008]

Engraving on thick white paper

203 x 153 mm.
Gift: Jennifer Holloway, Ditchling Common 2015

From an edition of 50. From a photograph published in Peter Levi's In Memoriam. David Michael Jones (1895-1974) - painter, engraver, poet and author - joined the Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic in 1921. When Gill moved to Capel-y-finn in 1924 Jones joined the entourage leaving after a few months to join the monks at Caldy Island. After a second nervous breakdown in 1947 he moved to Harrow where he lived until his death . Holloway recalls 'Because D.M.H. spoke quite frequently about David Jones and his long sojourns at Pigotts - his sitting and reading together with Walter Shewring, both in over coats and mufflers, both allowing the wood fire to die out, that i began to feel i knew him well enough to interpret a photograph.'