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Prints / PR357

Richard Duke of Gloucester and the Lady Anne

Artist (after): Abbey, Edwin Austin [1852-1911]
Engraver: Flameng, Leopold [1831-1911]

Publisher/Manufacturer: Art Union of London, 112 Strand, London
Etching in black on thin cream paper backed with white card

385 x 764 mm.
George Powell or John Williams??

A scene from Shakespeare's 'King Richard III'. Anne walks beside the coffin of her father-in-law, King Henry VI, when the hunchbacked Richard suggests that they should marry, even though he had killed her former husband, Edward, and is thought to have also murdered the King. Although he has killed both her husband and her father-in-law, Richard persuades Anne to marry him and she becomes Queen when he becomes King Richard III. The original painting by Edwin Austin Abbey was hugely popular, Punch magazine in 1896 proclaimed it to be 'The Picture of the Year'

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