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Prints / PR35

Professor Carey. Of the College of Fort-William, Calcutta

Artist (after): Hone, Nathaniel [1718-1784]
Engraver: Freeman, Samuel [c. 1773-1857]

Publisher/Manufacturer: Button & Son, Paternoster Row, London
Etching in black on pale brown wove paper

165 x 114 mm.

William Carey (1761-1834) was a missionary and scholar who worked in India. Commonly known as 'The Father of Modern Missions', he was a Northamptonshire shoemaker who left the Church of England to become a Baptist in 1783. He became a preacher and pastor in Leicester and soon developed a passion for evangelising the 'heathen' as non-Christians in other lands were then called. His efforts at promoting missions led to the formation of the Baptist Missionary Society. In 1793 he sailed for India and subsequently translated portions of the Bible into 34 languages, including 6 completed translations of the whole Bible and 23 of the New Testament. He took up the post at Fort William College, Calcutta in 1802

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