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Oil Paintings / OP91

Banditte on River Bank [or Banditti on the bank of a River]

Artist (attributed to): Rosa, Salvator [1615-1673]

Oil on canvas, framed

700 x 945 mm.
Bequest: Sir John Williams 1926

Attributed to Salvator Rosa. Research by Bryony Dawkes has found that a painting entitled 'Banditti on the Banks of a River' by Salvator Rosa was once owned by William Beckford (1760-1844). It was probably purchased from a Christie auction on February the 27th 1802. The auction catalogue titles the work as ''Banditti on the Bank of a River; a grand and rocky scene'' followed by a short description; ''This Noble Picture and the following were purchased from the Colonna Palace at Rome: the figures are correctly drawn, and finished with uncommon precision and smartness of pencil: The whole painted in a transparent and harmonious Tone of Colour, in the very finest Style and Time of the Master - truly a chef d'oeuvre''. This description matches the ink label inscription on the back of the Aberystwyth painting

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