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Oil Paintings / OP66

Portrait of a man in military dress

Artist/Maker: Morgan, Ben M. [active: 1899-1900]

Oil on canvas, framed

760 x 630 mm.

Two names have been suggested for the identity of the sitter. Firstly, Major Edgar Jones who was for 35 years headmaster of the Barry County School for Boys and was considered the ''Matthew Arnold'' of Wales. He was President of the University College of Wales for 1901 and was later active in the League of Nations. His son, Gareth Jones 1905-1935, became Private Secretary for Foreigh Affairs to Lloyd George but was tragically murdered in 1935 by bandits in Inner Mongolia. His daughter, Eirian Vaughan Lewis 1899-2000, lived to 101, was an Aberystwyth graduate and twice President of the Old Students Association. Secondly, General Sir James Hills-Johnes VC 1833-1919 who was Treasurer of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth from 1898 to 1919

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