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Oil Paintings / OP25

Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath

Artist (after): Constable, John [1776-1837]

Oil on paper lined with canvas, framed

275 x 380 mm.
Bequest: George Powell 1882

After a painting by John Constable. Possibly by John Linnell (1792-1882). A replica of 'Branch Hill Pond' otherwise titled as 'Hampstead Heath' painted in 1827 by John Constable and exhibited in 1828. The painting was found unframed and without identification but an early typed list of the Powell Collection records a J. Linell scene on 'Hampstead Heath'. However this record does not appear in Powell's hand written inventory. The opinion of Dr. Charles Rhyne at the Yale Centre of British Art was sought in 1980. He concluded that this ''painting is certainly a copy after Constable, probably after the mezzotint by [David] Lucas [1802-1881] done under Constable's supervision rather than from the painting''

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