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Oil Paintings / OP2

Moses with Arms supported by Aaron and Hur

Artist/Maker: Brigstocke, Thomas [1809-1881]

Oil on canvas, framed

2600 x 3680 mm. (approx)
Period acquired: 1908-1912

The painting is very probably the same as in an auction list for the sale of contents of Aberglasney Mansion, Llangathen, Carmarthenshire on the 1st-3rd of April 1908. Lot 201 in the auction was ''A very large oil painting ''Aaron and Hur supporting Moses' arms in the Wilderness'' 13 x 10 ft, with an exceptionally massive frame, by Brigstocke of Carmarthen''. The painting is known to have been in the University since at least 1912 and may have been presented to the University after the above auction. A work of the same subject was also painted by Henry Singleton 1766-1839 and exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1832. The portrait of Moses, in the Aberystwyth painting, is similar to the portrait of Sir James Outram, by Thomas Brigstocke, in the National Portrait Gallery. The Biblical story illustrated by the painting is told in Exodus Chapter 17 and describes how Moses instructed Joshua to battle with Amalek whilst Moses held the rod of God on a nearby hilltop. As Moses raised his hands Joshua prevailed. When he lowered them Amalek prevailed. As his hands became heavy Aaron and Hur supported them to enable Joshua and Israel to prevail

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