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Oil Paintings / OP173

Spring Evening

Artist/Maker: Baker, Joan Elizabeth [1922-2017]

Oil on canvas, framed

505 x 885 mm.
Gift: Arts Council of Wales 2002

This was the first artwork purchased by the Arts Council of Wales. Exhibited in 'Creating an Art Community: 50 Years of The Welsh Group' 10 April -23 May 1999, (the first retrospective section of a two-part survey) organised by and shown at the National Museums & Galleries of Wales, Cardiff. The artist commented on the making of the work ''carried out on canvas with a 'rabbit's skin' glue ground and a priming of white oil-based paint. Actual painting was done in ordinary artists oil colours (without any extra oil or turps etc. medium) and varnished with a wax varnish''

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