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Oil Paintings / OP11

A man on horseback in a landscape

Artist/Maker: Anonymous,

Oil on thick panel, framed

424 x 532 mm.
Bequest: Sir John Williams 1926

An inscription verso reads "Paul Delaroche told me when I showed it to him that the Landscape was by Wateau and The Horse by Gericault. J. D. Francis, [John Deffett Francis, art adviser to Sir John Williams]". Lois Oliver of the National Gallery commented "this is probably the work of an amateur artist copying from prints, the rider possibly taken from a caricature. It can only be the subject-matter that suggested the name of Gericault. Certainly the horse and landscape do not resemble works by Gericault or Watteau''. Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) was a successful French academic painter who presumably John Deffett Francis (1815-1901) met early on in his career

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