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Conditions of Loan

The borrower must arrange transport without cost to the School of Art. In some cases the cost of special packing for transport must be borne by the borrower.

The borrower must provide written assurance accepting all responsibility and liability from collection to the return of the artefact(s).

The borrower must arrange insurance cover for the duration of the loan, including transport, at a sum determined by the School of Art.

The borrower must follow accepted codes of museum practice and provide safe display in an environmentally controlled, secure environment and under appropriate light levels.

Any damage to the art works must be reported to the School of Art immediately. In the event of damage, the School of Art will be the sole determiner of any claims that may arise, and that the School of Art will have authority to decide upon the necessary conservation.

The artefacts are loaned for exhibition in a suitable and agreed location. This may not be changed without the prior agreement of the School of Art.

The borrower must notify the School of Art immediately of any change in the agreed exhibition details—including dates of the loan, location, mode of display etc—and the School of Art will determine whether any such changes will affect the loan.

Any non-compliance of the agreed conditions may result in the recall or cancellation of the agreement in which event the borrower will return the loan immediately.

No physical alteration is to be made to any mount, frame or support without the agreement of the School of Art in each and every case.

The borrower should note that photography is restricted by Copyright Law. In the case of artefacts still under copyright, the borrower must obtain the permission of the copyright holder, in addition to the School of Art, before a reproduction can be issued, other than in the case of ‘research and private study’ or ‘criticism and review’.

Photography of the artefacts on loan is only permitted for reproductions in the exhibition catalogue, publicity material and television broadcasts connected with the exhibition or artefacts on loan. Appropriate acknowledgement must be made. The borrower agrees that this does not infer any transfer of copyright or permits any further use after the period of the loan.

On no account must reproductions be made or used for sale either by the borrower or any other party without the permission of the School of Art.

The borrower must provide a complimentary copy of any catalogue, book, or publicity material relating to the exhibition (and addressed to the Keeper of Art).

All artefacts on loan must bear the credit line “Aberystwyth University, School of Art Gallery and Museum”.